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Finncade Shows is at it again with legendary Green Jelly live in South Bend!


Please use the Availability Checker to find the perfect entertainer for your Special Event!


SouthBend.DJ is dedicated to providing All Ages Entertainment in South Bend since 1999.

Our next ALL AGES event is Saturday December 19 2015 at The Kitchen BMX Skate Park!
Ravers Unite: The Force Awakens will be a Star Wars themed party
to celebrate the new movie Episode VI
This is for all the kids that don’t have nothin’ to do in The Bend
This is for the old-school ravers that have been DYING for a good opportunity to DANCE!
This will be a good clean show and we will NOT allow any drugs or alcohol!

featuring DJ Bighouse

Rock for the Cure 8 Halloween
9pm – Midnight / ALL AGES: Rock for the Cure 8 Halloween Edition. This time we’ll be raising money for The Dan Blake Fund. Dan was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and we’re going to do what we can to help with his fight. On Friday, October 30th, All you can eat pizza, drinks, and live music for just $10 (12 and under – $5). Featuring costume contest in three categories: Adult/Couple/Youth and Rock performances by:

If you missed RAVERS UNITE! you missed South Bends ONLY All Ages Rave

Oct 2 2015 at The Kitchen — We Are Not All Human —

Click here for highlights!

… and stay tuned for more all ages events in South Bend!

Must Be 18 + over. Boredomfest Halloween will take place on the entirety of the Elkhart Campground. The campground will feature:

    – a 6,000 square foot venue that will hold over 20k watts of sound and a state of the art lighting and led wall installation
    – XXL bounce house
    – 4 VIP cabins
    – Over 150 powered campsites
    – Hot Showers
    – Mini golf course
    – Volleyball
    – Sexy, Professional Gogo’s

The event team at Finncade Shows has been providing a variety of music events in the South Bend / Michiana area since 1997! Click here to visit Finncade Shows on Facebook. Some of the event flyers below link to event descriptions. These event pages may redirect to Facebook events.

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